Arbor Day Bounty

Arbor Day was last week on April 28th. I arrived at my home to three (!) boxes waiting for me. My first Arbonne order had arrived! 

This order I placed for myself only, getting things I wanted to try and things I need as an Arbonne Consultant.

My fiancee, Lucas, and my Mom, Margaret, were with me for the unboxing, and I think they were almost as excited as I was to open the packages and see what had arrived.

We unboxed and found my massaging skin care product applicator, the nutritional products I ordered​ (comprehensive list coming soon), my nutrition essentials travel kit (I didn’t know what I’d get in this one and I’m really pleased with what it included), & my Arbonne Consultant kit, which included some samples of our RE9 skincare line and product booklets with all the info you or I could need on our various offerings.

Above is my dear Mom excited because I told her I’d share my protein powder with her since she is starting to go to the gym regularly and trying to take care of her body better than before!

This handsome fellow is Lucas, holding our probiotic powder, Digestion Plus and our yummy pomegranate flavored energy fizz powders, which have multiple B vitamins and Guarana extract to give you a little boost!

Check out me and my family photo bombing in the pic in the background.

We’re hoping we can cut back on our coffee consumption with the help of the energy fizzies. Maybe to just one …normal sized… cup per day.

Lucas is very excited by fiber! Grandma, Mom, and Dad are “hiding” in the family portrait in the lower corner of this picture!

Look at all these goodies! One week’s worth of essential nutritional needs in one handy bag!

I’m excited to start incorporating these vegan, kosher products into my daily routines and knowing the nutritional values makes me feel confident that I can spend less on multi vitamins and probiotics, as I’ll be getting what I need from these foods.

I’m also already having fun mixing the fizzies and phytosport powders with other drink powders I enjoy, such as Emergen-C and Coco-Hydro.

If you have any questions about or interest in Arbonne, please reach out to me, I’ll be happy to share with you.

Oh! And one more thing before I go. I found it a curious and interesting coincidence that I got my Arbonne delivery on Arbor Day. As I took the cardboard boxes out to recycle, I saw the writing on the (cardboard box) wall… Arbonne… A portmanteau of “arbor”, meaning tree, and “bon” or “bonne”, meaning good. I hope you all had a bonne Arbor Day, a belated Merry May Day (Beltane), and a bountiful May!

More media coming soon!!


3 thoughts on “Arbor Day Bounty

  1. Awesome article by my awesome daughter! I am drinking more healthy options and may become an Abonne aholic instead of a Pepsi aholic. Yea for me! Thanks Laura!

    Liked by 1 person

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